For almost 20 years we have been solving tasks involving a number of uncertainties.


Brand launch in CEE countries

Bringing a brand to a new and unfamiliar market can be a challenge. Benefit from the fact that we have an excellent knowledge of the local market and that our team will establish business relations with the press, local influencers, and publishers on your behalf.

So far, we have supported the launch of such brands as the British Truphone or the Irish Click&Go, while Anna Robotycka (Managing Partner at F11 Agency)has introduced various brands to CEE, i.a. as Amrest’s head of communication (Burger King, Starbucks).

With the help of AMIN Worldwide, our Partners will support a successful brand launch in about 30 countries on all continents.

What can we do for your brand?

  • Competition audit, including the category to which your brand belongs
  • Business relations with the media, starting from the creation and distribution of press releases, through meetings with the press, to interviews and advertorials
  • Brand advertising campaign in the press, radio and internet
  • Support in building a sales and marketing structure
  • Creation of local websites, adaptation of mobile applications and TV spots
  • Adapting your brand strategy to social media
  • Internet monitoring



Marketing technology (martech) 

For years we have been supporting companies in combining such areas as marketing, management and IT, serving as partners for marketers who are also responsible for IT budgets or working very closely with IT departments. We help companies find themselves in a time when the responsibility of a CMO is moving towards the responsibility of a company’s CEO.

We are aware of the fact that marketers are neither programmers nor IT specialists, but they have or can have access to a huge amount of data every day. Our task is to implement solutions that bring the effectiveness of marketing activities to a higher level.

What can we do for your organization?

We implement technology in marketing from scratch (audit, training courses, processes, tools, recruitment, KPI).

  • Training for marketing managers on how to combine marketing, management and IT
  • Audit and optimization of marketing departament tools and processes
  • Support in the recruitment of people with marketing and technological knowledge for managerial positions
  • Intermin management – implementation of the martech within the company’s structure
  • Designing “tailor-made” tools and processes
  • Analysis of costs and effectiveness of campaigns run by media houses 

Martech from our perspective…



Digital transformation

For us, digital transformation is not a buzzword or presentations copied from foreign conferences. We see this as a practical knowledge of the pillars of enterprise transformation, the sequence of introducing changes and improving processes, the ability to create development maps or increasing sales revenues thanks to the transformation of marketing activities.

What can we do for your company?

We implement digital transformation in the organization from scratch (consulting, audit, training courses, new products, development maps, processes, tools).

  • Training for organization managers
  • Audit and optimization of tools and processes in the company (including sales, marketing, HR, IT)
  • Adapting brand products to the requirements of the digital world
  • Creation of MVP (Minimal Viable Product) together with the Client
  • Support in recruitment (we check if the knowledge about digital transformation is not only declarative)
  • Interim management – implementation of digital transformation within the company’s structures
  • Designing “tailor-made” tools and processes
  • Creation of a system of partners and cooperating comapnies



The brand’s ecosystem 

Over the last few years, relations between the customer and the brand have changed tremendously. From a one-way contact, we entered a world full of two-way interactions at every stage of contact with the brand. Our task is to integrate processes and tools so that the ecosystem could function in the most efficient manner.

What can we do for your company?

  • Audit of connections between activities around the brand
  • Generating traffic and user activities baes on, i.a., the content from social media
  • Customer journey – creating the brand’s customer paths from building awareness, considering purchase, through acquisition, after-sales service and customer loyalty



Social selling

Social selling is a set of tools and processes that enable sales departments to identify new business opportunities more easily, find new customers, run them through the purchasing and sales process and better build relations with them.

According to ZS Associates, as many as 65% of leading companies that have implemented social selling programs already report improved traders’ efficiency as a result of these activities!

What can we do for your company?

  • Personal branding – we consult and co-create the image of a modern advisor (sales, marketing)
  • Social listening – proactive monitoring of social media
  • Implementation of social selling B2B & B2C processes and tools in the sales and marketing departaments 
  • Customer journey – we create activity patterns for sales and marketing departaments

So far, we have implemented social selling activities increasing sales conversion for i. a. City Handlowy, Polkomtel or the PGD Group.

Our dedicated workshops were attended by several hundred people, including representatives of such companies as Microsoft Polska or participants of the Social Selling Harvard Business Review Polska conference, of which we were a Partner.