I haven’t been to the Web Summit…

I haven’t been to the Web Summit this year* but I visited Lisbon to meet with friends from the AMIN Worldwide’s alliance** to discuss challenges (building long, strategic relations with clients) and opportunities (eg. business consulting’s company way of business; data, startups, venture building) we face on daily basis as a local /regional advertising agencies. In this fast forward world we always try to find a while to meet each other to talk about blind spots we recognize.

We are one team but we are different companies.

First of all, we are people from different parts of the world, we often have different mindsets, different specializations but on the end we are a team that takes an effort to serve our clients with the best service.

I’m leaving Lisbon and the AMIN EMEA conference with a bunch of inspirations and to do list. I’m happy that I was able to share some ideas with other agency leaders because as an international team we have an impact on brands’s growth. So every disruptive solution bring us a new value.

Running an agency business is like a 24 hours rollercoaster. There are ups and downs; chasing disruptive solutions to be a challenger, not a follower. As F11, we have been trying to do it for at least 10 years.

We believe that learning by doing way of work as a part of the strategic cooperations with clients brings us the best results.

We’re adapting on daily basis to clients needs, we speak local languages, we know local, regional and global trends.

Let’s bring your brand to a new level or a country with the AMIN Worldwide team.


* I will go there next year 😉

** AMIN Worldwide – Advertising and Marketing Independent Network